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My WorkWake up. Kick ass. Repeat

I am a non-profit professional and business owner. My work has resulted in criminal convictionslandmark civil settlementsmassive growth of non-profit budgets in short amounts of time, and inspired leadership from CEOs and executive directors through all levels of staff and volunteers. I welcome the sharing of best practices and regularly consult, assist, and train:

  • animal care providers
  • animal control departments/local & state humane agents/officers throughout the U.S.
  • animal protection advocates
  • attorneys interested in providing meaningful durable powers of attorney for health care (and best practices of the public)
  • corporate executives & business owners
  • district/states’ attorneys’ offices
  • federal agencies
  • human resources departments & professionals on topics related to inclusivity & best practices related to LGBTQIA individuals (particularly caring “coming out” transitions for transgender employees)
  • human rights advocates
  • law enforcement
  • leaders aiming to take their missions to the next level (and much, much higher!)
  • non-profit organizations/NGOs in the U.S. and abroad, particularly those engaged in undercover investigations
  • “pest” control companies (see last bullet point below)
  • private detective agencies
  • property managers, including Chicago multi-family unit buildings (including mid- & high-rises) to abide by the Chicago Landlord/Tenant requirements.
  • social justice organizations (if your mission, passion, & integrity are sound, I will consider assisting you)
  • wildlife rescues & wildlife management companies on ethical best practices, policies, & procedures

I also teach and counsel through life planning & coaching; provide non-licensed insight & counseling within trauma stewardship, for survivors of violence and their families; and covert operations/undercover investigations, particularly for entities/persons standing up for the rights of animals – both human animals and non-human animals.

e6 calvesMy employment and project background include developing one of the world’s most formidable animal protection undercover investigations departments and exposing not only the industrialized, standard abuses against farmed animals by agribusinesses nationwide, but advising and guiding my clients to improve their own efforts in this area.

One high-ranking individual called me, a “professional bully” – which normally I would cringe at but given the context that I was standing up for the bullied and merely holding his business accountable for its abusive actions, I wear the “tight” … we’ll say “proudly.”

I have met with the executive decision-makers at international, powerful corporations such as McDonald’s and Costco resulting in compassionate worldwide policies to prohibit some of the worst abuses in animal agriculture affecting billions of animals every single year in the U.S. alone.

Egg Warning Label re Male ChicksMy marketing/advertising and public relations/media experience is top notch and influential. (I won’t design a website for you but I can give you excellent referrals – and note this website is my own amateur endeavor!)

If you’ve got a message you need to get out there or a challenging negative image to overcome, I can help.

I stand up for human rights and animal advocacy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd, I call it like I see it: abuse, including neglect, and violence, discrimination and institutionalized racism no matter who profits from the acts. I will not “dumb it down” or look away out of convenience. Bullying is just another name for racism, sexism, homophobia, speciesism, misogyny, nationalism, ageism, and distracting from one’s own shameful experiences, perceived shortcomings, & toxic shame. It’s ignorant and serious education starting in grammar schools along with meaningful (and enforced) laws and legislative efforts are severely needed to end the crap in our society.

Until we treat the “least” among us with the greatest of compassion, we won’t be an ethical society. We can’t stop wars with profit as priority and sentient beings artificially inseminated, intensively confined, mutilated without painkillers, separated from mothers at birth, used – used – used, and then violently slaughtered (as all animals used by the egg, dairy, and meat industries ultimately are). And yes, sea life (fish) are animals and they suffer when harmed.

My studies and experience in human rights led me to my specialized work with domestic animals, especially farmed animals, wildlife management, in animal shelter restructuring & development, and getting wired up with pinhole-sized hidden cameras to document abuses & injustices (against people and critters) that may or may not be actual violations of law.

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