We are always learning, right? So don’t be put off when someone knows a li’l more about a topic than you do. And be willing to learn. Be open to it. And, don’t take my word for it – go out and seek the evidence yourselves!

Animal Sentience

Animals Used for Food Production

When we choose to eat animal products we choose to pay someone else to be cruel and violent for us on our behalf. It makes no difference whether it is on a store shelf or on a plate in a restaurant. It’s that black and white. Virtually every animal used in food production – in fact, most are artificially inseminated, mutilated without painkillers, crammed into crates/cages/stalls so small they cannot live comfortably for their short, miserable lives – are violently killed at a fraction of their natural life span. Don’t be a part of the problem; Be part of the solution. Choose a healthy and delicious vegetarian diet free of the inherent violence of the egg, dairy, and meat industries (and yes, fish are animals and they suffer too). Order a free vegetarian starter kit right now!

Please watch this short video that we made explaining the very basics of the reality in using animals for food and food production. It’s only 12 minutes. If you eat animals or animal products (eggs, dairy, etc.) you owe it to the animals to watch and learn. The time is now.