Animated ‘Art Story’ Film Looks Painfully Adorable (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

I’m posting from my phone today so hopefully this “post a link” format looks OK. Obviously I was on Huffington Post this morning enjoying some news features. I thought this one on a cool and creative venture by Disney (and/or former Disney) artists looks fun.

[Warning: Grammatic, spelling, or drafted outline (“looked-correct-on-reduced-size-phone-screen-while-trying-to-proofread-but-now-‘not-so-much’) challenges (ok, total goof ups may occur). to preferred and highly personalized writing styles & our (See ownership for said blog) enforced Zero Drama Permissible Policy Daniel’s current favorite blog-on-the go platform (“The” WordPress) from his ginormouslyawesomepractically-a-tablet-actuallyaphone-YET-fitsinpocket Android

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