Cancer. Julie. $, $, $. Faggots. (Obamacare)

Cancer definition

As a follow up to my previous post on Julie, a Cancer survivor used and abused by this misleading anti-Obamacare campaign, here is some more just out on the Koch brothers.


Did I mention that I have a few haters on my Facebook “public figure” page in response to the Julie post?

Not surprisingly, I’m still awaiting any substantive information on the false claims by my attackers, one of whom called me a “fruit cake” and a “sorry excuse for an American.”


He’s allowed to call me that because his mom “was” a “dyke” [my term], apparently. While we’re at it, why doesn’t he just call me what he means:

A faggot.

Is this still the third grade, friends? And why so much hate for fruit cakes? I think they’re kinda’ tasty – as long as they are vegan, of course.

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