Before I die… It’s good to be here.

Before I die

I love Candy Chang‘s work.

Candy Chang is “an artist who explores the intersection of public spaces and personal well-being.” She’s also a TED fellow. And she’s been creating waves with her creativity exploring important themes for years.

Let’s put it this way: Ms. Chang is kick-ass.

Following the death of a friend she put together Before I die… wondering if the gratitude, the pain, and clarity she felt (all at different stages) following the passing of a close friend was something others endured – or how exactly do others feel or what they might share …

This interactive experience began in her New Orleans neighborhood. With chalkboard paint she gathered up friends and painted the sides of an abandoned house creating a large space to share. The walls read “Before I die I want to _______.”

Anyone was then welcome to reflect and share in a public forum and space. Candy describes the experience: Continue reading