Ode de Toilet – no really.


Light side of life because I tend to tell y’all about the less then light side of life.

Why exactly are toilets made of porcelain? Well, according to Gizmodo, there are good reasons. They report that Kohler‘s Senior Product Manager for Toilets Brian Hedlund (hopefully that’s not Mr. Hedlund’s literal title), toilets need just a few things to be the best that they can be. Continue reading

If your place is swelteringly hot, take a …

Air conditioning

Air conditioning units on a building – hanging frighteningly above the public. Photo credit: niallkennedy.

If your place is swelteringly hot, check these suggestions out. Although I’ve made iced coffee at home I’ve yet to make coffee-cicles.

“Yet,” I said …

It’s only August. If you live in a place like I do, where the temperatures get absolutely insane for no good reason (IMO), these might be helpful. For some, it’s dry, for others – the humidity can destroy ya’. Not every idea will work for every home or climate, but perhaps you’ll be as surprised as I was about some of them.

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Animated ‘Art Story’ Film Looks Painfully Adorable (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

I’m posting from my phone today so hopefully this “post a link” format looks OK. Obviously I was on Huffington Post this morning enjoying some news features. I thought this one on a cool and creative venture by Disney (and/or former Disney) artists looks fun.

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