Dairy Carrie – She’s Rather Scary

(The above video was released today following a Mercy For Animals undercover investigation into a Wisconsin dairy facility.)

Robert Grillo, founder and director of Free From Harm (an excellent blog that I highly recommend) emailed me today to share a blog post by “DairyCarrie,” a small dairy farmer.

Of course, I know what a “family farm”can mean as do many of my kind readers. My background is marketing and I know very well how important that little term is for yanking cloth over the public’s eyes. Folks – it means a family owns the company. That’s it. That’s all it means.

A family farm is still a company and animals are still left in the dust (be they so lucky) when it comes to animal welfare.

Farmed animals’ lives suck.

And not in that calf to mother cow sorta’ way – the calves are dragged away to be intensively confined to veal crates or, again if they are lucky, in small crappy (literally) pens. They will be beaten down the same slaughter lines that their mothers will go when the mother cows become non-profitable trash to the dairy industry at the ripe “old” age of only five years old – Cows can live to be 20 years old in my experience. But, I digress because that’s an age they will only reach if their caretakers actually care about them as the sentient individuals they are, each with their own personalities, joys, and fears.

Let’s not be fooled by what we don’t see except when someone gets hired into a facility and documents the day-to-day reality for animals used and violently slaughtered for food production.

Who are those individuals? They are undercover investigators using their first amendment rights to expose the cruelty inherent in the dairy industry in order to make some type of right out of inexcusable WRONGS. Their selfless work (and many sacrifices) allow you and me to see for ourselves how animals are treated and to determine for ourselves whether or not we wish to support the beatings and throat-slitting done on “our” behalf.

Not on my behalf. I’ve cut all ties with the violence that results in dairy products. And so can you.

You can also stand and voice your opinion on laws aimed at criminalizing watchdog organizations and whistle-blowers who put it all on the line to bring truth to the public and end the cruelty of animal agribusiness. I am. I wonder what Carrie’s stance on Ag-Gag laws is. I doubt she’d like to have her own cruelty aired internationally.

DairyCarrie writes,

I love my cows and that means sometimes I have to be mean to them.

“… and that means sometimes I have to be mean to them?” Seriously, Carrie?

Ms. Carrie – quite a few things are wrong with your statement. I’d love to count the ways you are lying to yourself and to the public; however, since the ways are far too numerous to get into I’ll merely cover a few of them.

Do note that I’m fairly certain, also through direct experience working beside and speaking to vicious animal abusers who have otherwise been quite nice people – to me anyway when they didn’t know I wasn’t on their side, that Carrie is likely a lovely person in … most other ways. She’s just … not so nice to animals.

And she doesn’t “love” her cows. At least not the way she should if she truly gave a poo about their well being.

And I’ve seen abuse. I’ve seen evil. I’ve experienced it. I’ve lived with bad people in close quarters. They were nice in … their own ways.

The following is my comment to Carrie:

I have no doubt reading this [her blog post] and looking at the video and your photographs that you have a level of concern and empathy for the animals at your facility. It’s time to get real here, though:

Perhaps it’s time to stop artificially inseminating cows for profit and then you wouldn’t have to be “mean” to them, as you state yourself.

You also wouldn’t have to drag the calves away to steal the milk intended to nurture the calves causing the mother cow and her calf extreme psychological distress. You then wouldn’t have to sell off the male cows (because they are not the same cows the beef industry uses and they are males so they will not produce milk – milk that is only produced for the same reason humans produce milk – to nourish their young). Male calves are trash to the dairy industry – your industry – and you sell these frightened, docile creatures to the veal industry to be violently slaughtered after they are confined in pens (if they are lucky as most are kept in veal crates where they cannot turn around or comfortably lie down but instead must drop down onto slotted floors in their own excrement). You wouldn’t have to deny them the comfort they get in their mothers’ care if you left the dairy industry. You also wouldn’t have to ship them all off to have their throats violently slit – if they are lucky they will be unconscious during this brutality though it comes after a long period of confusing and frightening transit in all weather extremes and as case after case has shown … there is absolutely no compassion in a slaughter plant.

If you love “your girls,” why do you send them to slaughter at a fraction of their natural life span after you have used them for two or three birth cycles [to] keep the milk coming (that milk isn’t for you – it’s for “your girls'” baby calves)? What do you feel about the “boys?” And how do you feel about the despicable violence at slaughter?

I’m glad to see you admitting that you abuse your cows because you are correct – you abuse animals. Their lives are abusive and unnatural. The dairy industry is one of the cruelest industries out there. Yes, a downed cow is an emergency. And yes, modern farming is a culture of cruelty. And yes – you can leave the industry just as many others have and stop being a part of the problem.

If you care about them so much, stop artificially inseminating them and creating more violence and abuse and provide them with safe haven. Stop your part in the inherent violence of the dairy industry. It take courage, I know. It took courage to write this article. It takes more courage, though, to do what’s right. What you are doing is not right.

Ditch dairy.

Your request for a dairy investigation was answered just this morning by Mercy For Animals who uncovered the same abuses that[,] yes, they may well have uncovered at your farm.

Video footage doesn’t lie. All the footage gets handed over to law enforcement. There is nothing wrong here except absolutely everything about how you earn a profit. Drug dealers are feeding their families. Organized crime rings are feeding their families. Don’t use that excuse because it’s not acceptable. Those of us exposing these abuses, including severe neglect, are tired of the work and we’d like to have jobs that pay a decent wage. We’d like to not have to sacrifice our safety, health, and mental well-being because in one article on a dairy industry blog a farmer will say how much they care about the animals while avoiding the very harsh and violent reality of what farming animals actually means.

If you care about animals, stop hurting them. If you truly love animals – and you know as well as I do and so does everyone else reading this – that they are no different than dogs or cats in their ability to feel pain and suffer. And they only have their lives – and I know better than most of the population that they fight for their lives to the very end. No animal gives of themselves so that you can profit off of them and no animal gives of their offspring because they “love” you back. They do love as science has shown their compassion and concern for one another. You are kidding yourself if you state otherwise. So then take a stand against animal abuse by immediately ending your part in it. It’s the right thing to do.

Do it for your girls.

I have a rule not to read comments that follow media articles on my cases and those by my “colleagues” at other organizations. But I did read the first few comments that were on the page. I had to stop, of course, because it was that cheerleading “let’s all pretend she’s right and that we don’t know about all the parts she left out of the story she should be telling about “her girls” – you know, the actual complete story of their lives. And then there is the fate of the boys

I did respond to one comment. It reads,

Dairy Carrie, well said. … Thanks for writing a well-spoken piece that doesn’t shy away from the truth.

Doesn’t shy from the truth? Really? Are we being serious?

Sadly, I think she was being serious. She’s got blinders on.

No one in Germany knew that the Germans were doing bad things to the Jews either, right? Nevermind that the Jews were marched down the streets often to a loud invasion of their homes in the middle of the night or even more telling – in broad daylight in front of the German citizens. And forget that they left nearly all of their belongings and their homes. Nevermind the hatred promoted by the state. Nevermind the box cars full of people. Nevermind all that. She’s admitting to beating “her girls.”

If you say you’re sorry, even if they don’t understand German, it’s Okay. Right?


The cows’ fate? They are kaput, friends. Kaput. So were the Jews, the gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered individuals, the gypsies, the socialists …

But at least Carrie is starting a dialog. I love when animal abuse industries do our work for us.

My Response to the above comment:

Her article is quite “shy of the truth.” It’s missing the reality behind the dairy industry.

Where are the male calves?

Where do [the mother cows go] after their bodies are so worn down and “spent” that they cannot profitably endure another painful violation on what I’ve heard called a “rape rack” on dairy farms (just as the dog fighters call it) for artificial insemination? I always find it particularly odd when women ignore this aspect [violation of female bodies] when they are involved in animal agribusiness.

And where is a real discussion of what cows face – all of them – when they survive the farm life and end up slaughtered at about five years of age? They could live to be 20 years old as I’ve seen.

The piece is telling, but it’s far from being completely honest about the situation. I do commend her for her courage, though; I imagine she will feel some backlash from within the “ranks.”

And let the pressure on the dairy industry continue. And let the public know the truth.

If you think abusing animals is wrong, please choose a compassionate vegetarian diet, free of the inherent violence of the dairy, egg, and meat industries. Order a free vegetarian starter kit or check out the online version here.

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