Dumb Kids? State Policy Report Card

unnamedStudents First sent an email to their contact list. It contains important resources and indeed explains a concern for massive improvement to the U.S. educational system:

Dear Daniel [that’s me!]:

What a few weeks it’s been! On January 14th we released our State Policy Report Card (SPRC), an exciting new tool to improve education in your state.

Below is just a sampling of the fantastic reaction from parents, policymakers and news outlets:

  • Charles Rutland, public school father: If you are a school parent and want to know what measures you should be demanding from your elected officials, this is your resource. Take it to your legislator’s office, drop it on their desk, and ask what they are going to do about improving your child’s school.
  • Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal: This report shows that Louisiana is a national leader for creating innovative education policies that get results for students.
  • U.S. News and World Report: Although some states made notable improvements…Rhee said change nationwide still is happening much too slowly.

There is no other tool that empowers people with clear and specific information about the quality of their state’s education laws. And as the SPRC shows, there is a lot of room for improvement; only 14 states received a “C” grade or better.

We don’t accept mediocrity from our students, and we shouldn’t accept it from our state legislators either. So if you haven’t already, check out our Report Card and see where your state ranks.

And if you agree that your state can do better, then get involved and spread the word – together we can create a system that puts students first.


Michelle Rhee

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