Goin’ in for the Kill – whose tantrum is it? I’ll tell you.

Official photographic portrait of US President...

President Obama is calling it as it is: crap, frankly. Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born August 4, 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009). Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Republican Tantrum continues?


Yes, U.S. Government 101, friends. This is the Republican Party that has shut us down. President Obama on Congress’ [Republican] Unprofessional & Unacceptable Government Shutdown:

If you’re in negotiations around buying somebody’s house, you don’t get to say, ‘Well, let’s talk about the price I’m going to pay, and if you don’t give the price then I’m going to burn down your house.’ That’s not how negotiations work…. In the same way, members of Congress — and the House Republicans in particular — don’t get to demand ransom in exchange for doing their jobs. And two of their very basic jobs are passing a budget and making sure that America is paying its bills.

He’s absolutely correct. Congress should be at work. Congress should not get paid for this time it’s not working. And this is as ridiculous as a filibuster.

Our government is embarrassing, folks.

A record-low 18% of Americans say they are satisfied with the way the nation is being governed, down from 32% last month.

That from Gallup, Inc. today. Yeah. It’s not Obama, kids. This is Congress. This is the ones we kinda’ sorta’ voted in “and stuff” where the popular vote mostly has a “realer” effect. This isn’t Bush v. Gore whatsofriggin’ever.

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