GOP = Nobody Be Liking You Right Now Cuz You Turned Off Our GOV

George Horace Gallup, founder of the Gallup polls.

Who ever gets to see Mr. Gallup? Who takes George’s picture? And posts it “all up on they page?” I do (though, I did not snap this candid of Horace, admittedly): George Horace Gallup, founder of the Gallup polls. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Says Gallup:

As the government shutdown continues, the GOP’s favorable rating is now 28%, the lowest Gallup has measured for either party in its trend since 1992. The Democratic Party’s favorability of 43% is down slightly from last month.

george bush's dumbass head on a string

“W” Photo credit: arimoore.

OK, somebody be liking you but they be smokin’ the Bill Clinton and inhaling or they be snortin’ the George W. and … yeah, sortin’ the George W. 

Yick. Can you imagine that confused man looking out of your nostrils? Some George’s … no no no. Horace, maybe. W? No No No.

Robert Smith and Simon Gallup of The Cure at R...

Though, Mr. Simon Gallup certainly does get his picture shown lots all over the world. But, he does happen to be the bass player for the best band ever, so … of course he does. Photo is of Robert Smith and Simon Gallup of The Cure at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on June 21, 2008. Photo credit: Wikipedia.
Who said ADD didn’t have it’s fun side? Tangents!

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