HOLY FRIGGIN’ SMOKES. I had no idea you were following me!

HOLY FRIGGIN’ SMOKES. I really didn’t.

I was just about to transfer one of the wildlife questions that I just received into a blog post – a “Dear Daniel” sorta’ idea. I get questions all the time about wildlife, companion animals, farmed animals, and human rights given the work I’ve done over the years and my current work, too. So, when I was about to paste in my draft response, I noticed the “Follow” button was an option even though I’m the owner and administrator of the blog. So, I thought that I ought to “follow” my blog. So I did. To my shock and amazement (seriously), the WordPress site has 3,299 “other amazing people” following my blog of only a few postings. Oops!

Image Daniel Hauff blog 3,299 subscriptions

3,299 people follow this blog with only four blog posts ever placed. That’s pretty decent (!). Thanks for your support and I’m sorry I hadn’t been bloggin’ as I shoulda’ been!

If I had known, I promise I would not have been so lackadaisical about this site whatsoever.

Now, can I bring myself to use it regularly?

Heck, I carry literature and videos with me everywhere I go (any Chicagoans know me for always having my bag with me? Yeah, that’s why). I can’t bring myself to leave my bag even in a car if I’m on the road (as in traveling outside of Chicago), which has a bit also to do with the fact that I’ll suddenly freak out (in my head) wondering where I left my bag. It took me a long time to get used to not carrying my keys with me everywhere I went but just need them if I’m stepping outside or in my home work space.

So, I’ve got this great new MacBook Pro from an amazing friend, supporter, donor, animal-care-provider, and all around fantastic person. I’m working today on some projects for this very friend who is also a client. I’m going to put this badboymacintosh to work for all of the important things I’m using and start sharing things online.

I think it was Sasha’s doing. She is a sweetness, isn’t she? (She’s kinda’ not but she is so much older and frail now that she gains back the sweetness of her youth. Petunia isn’t either. Our ladies truly are sorta’ like “bitches.” Silly ladies – giving a bad word to society to misuse.)

Image Sasha Hauff-Lazar Model Actress Superstar

Sasha makin’ waves on DanielHauff.com’s hosting WordPress page (WordPress has the type of simple backend that I and everyone I’ve spoken to about options prefer.

“Crazy Daisy wearin’ Paisley. I know no Daisy, Mr. Raisley.”

I see that this desire I’ve had for some time to say the things that need said – and that I need to say given some really unpleasant bullsh*t that’s out there – really do have a future home right here on DanielHauff.com (at the time of this writing, the .com is not yet forwarded but I will connect them soon).

I’ve essentially had my Facebook page to share thoughts on and that made me unfocused about it. And highly distracted. Facebook has its good points, but it’s mostly a massive distraction and place where everyone and their brother tries to instant message me, or sends me the type of petition that has very little real value. Maybe we’ll talk about both of those things some day soon.

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