Jailed Elephant Crushes 30+ year Jail Guard. Zoos are Criminal.

Her name is Patience (if this is indeed her). She’s held prisoner at Dickerson Park Zoo. She just accidentally crushed a jailer of hers. He’d been living off of her and others’ captivity, sources state, for over 30 years.

UPDATE: This is indeed the zoo I was at for PETA and they have a shocking history of treating their animals like dirty laundry. 

Dickerson Park – I believe I have a history of this zoo’s violence toward animals during my time as Animals in Entertainment Specialist with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [Update: it is the place]. I’ll have to double check that it was the place and tell y’all about it [Update: I did and it is the place]. The initial article I read states:

The release said the zoo plans no disciplinary action against the elephant and that the animal will not be euthanized.

Really? That’s great given the animal’s life is defined and limited by a profit-driven institution that is denying Patience the elephant of most of her natural inclinations. In the wild zoos walk long distances daily and are extremely matriarchal. They mourn their dead. They protect their own. They are amazing animals.

Many of the elephants we see in zoos and circuses remember their families being culled in the wild. Culled means killed. How adorable is that?

If this is the Dickerson I was at, they sold their animals to caged hunters and was exposed by PETA. I’ll have to look into it [Final update: yup. This was the zoo. Shameful place.]

My condolences to her jailer’s family; however, Zoos are Criminal.

Disagree? Let’s hear it.

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