“Natural? Then I’ll BUY IT!” AKA, “Are you a CHUMP?”

2014. "Chump," Google.com. Accessed February 6, 2014.

2014. “Chump,” Google.com. Accessed February 6, 2014.

Is it natural?

  • Is it?
  • Are you?
  • Am I?

Hmmm …



No, seriously. Learn what labels mean; otherwise, you’re sorta’ a chump.

  • Do you want to be a chump?
  • Are you already a chump?

Though all of us were indeed born chumps, not all of us were born naturally. But that’s irrelevant.

Does it truly mean that you wanna’ be a chump, though?

“Nope,” you say?

“NO!” you say?


For instance, nearly allay’all …

[allay’all = “all of y’all = all of you all = everyone]

… don’ know [sic intentionally] what labels actually mean. For instance, here’s a great starter on what animal-related products’ labels mean from the Humane Society of the United States.

So important that I’ll include some breakdown for y’all

[“you,” informal plural, think: “you all, my good friends.”]

Good Friends:


Eating eggs, dairy, or flesh products cause others to be violent on your behalf. That’s why I urge you to learn about the issues for yourself, reject the inherent violence of the egg, dairy, and meat industries and take on a compassionate, delicious, and healthy vegan diet – free of the disgusting cruelty –> well-documented and undeniable, Good Friends.

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