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“New Day. NEW DAY!” – The Cure


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Never, ever, think outside the box

It’s been a long journey to get the various web presence/sites up that I’ve been working toward while also working on some special projects and looking for regular employment. Many props to the people who take nothing, someone else’s idea(s), or even a really great webpage template and make it look amazing and functional.

Part of the challenge has been related to how I spend my time.

I’ve been struggling with whether I wanted to expand on my areas of expertise (PR/media relations, training, NGO growth, marketing, animal protection, program/campaign development, and fundraising to name some favorites) and make those literally my income through my own or a friend’s agency.

Out for Justice

Out for Justice  Photo credit: ellajphillips

The best idea might be to take on all of the weight of running my own company and go with it. I keep resisting, especially given the work involved in helping Out for Justice’s clients and growing the organization – all while we have zero web presence, funding, or recognition.

Or, I could choose the exit that provides stability. Stated salary. Benefits (a major change from past years for sure). Yet, do I really want to again get married to another NGO or corporation. Non-profit work especially, particularly when one lives and breathes the work as I did most recently with the undercover supervision, could really place me back in a place where my output matters more to those around me than my own well-being. Even when you reach out for help sometimes the reality of who really cares can be shocking and hurtful.

This hasn’t been an easy decision.

Last night was a good night. (Other than my tossing and turning and inability to get a good night’s rest … But that was due to excitement.)

Anderson Cooper visited Wolfson Children's Hos...

Anderson Cooper. Cutie. And yes, we all knew.   Photo credit: Wikipedia

And no, it wasn’t due to my dream that Rocco was to be the next Pope. I do think he’d be better in many ways for the Catholic Church than what we’ve seen; certainly he would be in favor of human and other animal rights and well-being. I guess we can thank the handsome Anderson Cooper and 360 for their coverage of papal tailoring and having three sized ready to go for any potential pope-sizes for the unveiling.

But that wasn’t what kept me up. I’m excited after meeting with Quite Strong again to discuss branding options for Out for Justice.

I feel very strongly about our identity exploration and am excited to see what comes out of last night’s meeting. Makenzie, our Curriculum & Education Manager attended the meeting with me and we were completely into (i.e., in complete agreement regarding) the logo most favored by Quite Strong themselves (i.e., the most excited about).

It’s wonderful when everyone is on the same page like that; reminds me of my old days back at Mercy For Animals before shame dissolved someone’s eye contact with me – before I asked about leaving I’m December 2011. More on that when the time is right.

I’ve missed working on something important of that caliber that has the potential to reduce the suffering for countless individuals. Out for Justice is an excellent vent for that drive in me. Perhaps, according to one theorist’s work, that is my own overcompensation super-achiever drive from shame developed as a child from what others did to me. I don’t know. What I do know is that my pain and drive need addressed and expressed and part of this undertaking by the power of the “pen” is to work through it all in a meaningful way that can be open and helpful for others.

More on all of this to come.

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