New to Being Veg? Some good tips.

There are lots of blogs and lists out there for those new to a compassionate, animal-free diet. One Green Planet just posted a great list of items to have on hand in your fridge to assure your taste buds are delighted, no matter what you are cooking up.
A vegetarian diet without any animal products, called “vegan,” is the only way to avoid paying others to be violent on your behalf.

Violence is inherent in the egg, dairy, and meat industries.

And yes, aquatic life are made of flesh, too, and therefore you cannot call yourself a vegetarian if you are eating flesh.

Don’t believe me?

See for yourself.

One Green Planet tells us:

Vegan food is definitely not bland, thanks in part to the dozens of condiment options to make that tofu bowl sweet, spicy, tangy, cheesy, creamy — and the list goes on and on! If you’re planning a gathering or trying to stock up on basic items for home cooking, try these 10 essential veggie condiments. If you have these on hand, you’re able to mix up so many vegan sauces and/or toppings, it’ll make your head spin!

As a longtime vegan I can tell you that I’ve never enjoyed food as much as I do now when I was eating animal bits … and secretions … and, … well … female periods from birds crammed into filthy, disease-ridden cages with dead cage mates.

One Green Planet’s list? For the vegans it might not be all that earth-shattering. For the newly vegan or vegetarian – and those considering living consistently with the ethics that nearly all of us share …

If you think dog fighting is wrong, then you shouldn’t eat anything from an animal.

… but for the newbies, this is a great list.

Speaking of lists, here’s just a few of what animal agribusiness finds totally acceptable and lies about and tries oh-so-hard to hide from the public. They’ve even started pushing for laws to prevent evidence of their crimes from reaching the public, known as “Ag-Gag” laws. I’m a plaintiff against one such law in Utah. But, I digress. Here’s what you can’t see when you open your fridge but is behind using animals for food production (eggs, dairy, and meat – eggs and dairy being far crueler in my opinion, and I’ve seen it all, than “mere” flesh):

And those are just some of the “niceties” – you know, the regular, normal, every day practices of these industries. Slicing off tails. Burning off beaks with hot blades and lasers. Horrifying neglect of animals left to slowly die. Untreated wounds. Abuse from workers slamming animals around or beating them. Even bashing piglets’ heads into the concrete floor – an approved practice for killing piglets they can’t make a profit off of.

Trust me, you want more – I’ll give you more. Just ask.

And I’ll gladly debate anyone

– anyone –

from animal agribusiness on what they do to animals.

Get in touch and let’s set it up. So, …

Now that that’s behind us and you are going to do what’s right …

Now that you’re doing what is in line with how you consider yourself – a kind person, no doubt …

Now that you have said goodbye to paying others to do something you wouldn’t do yourself …


If you can’t even watch it

Then you shouldn’t be paying others to do it for you while you pretend you don’t know.


Now you know.

So, yes, as I was saying … let’s be certain that you know how to stock your condiments.

  1. Tahini? Check!
  2. Guac? Yup. It’s on the list!

Check out One Green Planet’s list here.

Your taste buds, and countless animals, will thank you.

And so do I. Thank you for being compassionate.

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