Nostalgia’s for Geeks

English: Lady Gaga at MTV Video Music Awards 2011.

I guess, sir; if you say so …

Just go Here!

[Embedding must have changed on the ol’ WordPress format. I’ll look into the problemo.]

… some of us just like to read.

[Original post ruined by some silly coding requiring the video to be watched only on some silly website with some silliness smeared on top. If you wanna’ know what I was referring to, here’s a similar video that will start right at the correct timing … or should anyway]

To make up for it, the official video is embedded above. Get into embed with me. 🙂

Heck, embed all the lyrics, why don’t I? That was the original desire. Besides … not all of them are correct, I don’t believe. And are the lights being turned ON or OUT? or OFF? Let’s just make it a strobe light sitch-choo-A-shawn.

Who’s Shawn?

Or is it Sean?

Shawna? Can’t embed anyway. Sexless blog today.

No, it’s Lady Gaga, silly – Not Shawn.

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