Oh, Julie: You are a Pawn. (BS attack on “Obamacare”)

The subject of the latest debunked Obamacare horror story is finally talking, and of course it’s to Fox News. Julie Boonstra is a Michigan resident with leukemia, and she appeared in an Americans For Prosperity ad against Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Gary Peters, saying that Obamacare made her cancer treatment unaffordable because of out of pocket spending. Subsequent fact checking, though, found that her monthly premium payments were essentially cut in half, and the limits the law imposes on out of pocket expenses means that at worse, she’d break even between those costs and her premium saving. The ad also implied she lost access to her doctor, though fact checking determined that her doctor is included in the plan she picked on the exchange.

So with no real basis to the story she presented in the ad, how does Boonstra respond? The only way she can, the way Republicans always go, playing the victim.

‘They’re not scaring me. Cancer scares me,’ she said. ‘I battle cancer every day. They’re not going to intimidate me.’ […]

‘Under my old policy, I knew what I could afford every single month because I wasn’t hit with extra charges. Now I don’t know what I have to pay month to month,’ she said. ‘Leukemia tests are extremely expensive.’

Just to set the record straight, pointing out factual inconsistencies is not intimidation. No one is saying that Boonstra isn’t experiencing real angst over having to change health insurance in the middle of her fight with cancer. No one is diminishing her fight with cancer, they’re just pointing out some basic truths which show that her story just doesn’t add up.

And as Brian Beutler points out, if the Koch brothers achieved what they’re trying to with this and other ads—repeal—then she would really become a victim. The protections she now has under this law—to never be kicked off her health insurance plan, to never have to worry about having health coverage because of her leukemia, having her annual out of pocket expenses limited, and never having to worry about reaching an annual or lifetime cap where her coverage is just cut off—would be gone if the campaign she’s participating in succeeds. Which is, yes, insane.

If Boonstra is a victim, she’s the willing victim of the Koch brothers and AFP who would ultimately throw her to the wolves. But if she hates the law that much, fine, whatever. What she’s doing, though, jeopardizes every other cancer patient in the nation.

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8 thoughts on “Oh, Julie: You are a Pawn. (BS attack on “Obamacare”)

  1. What a state of confusion our country is in. If only they, the elected children in DC, would do their jobs and stop acting like 2 year olds, maybe we could get this country right again. We need some grown ups to get the job done, are there any left?

    • The situation is both maddening and extremely sad, especially when people blindly fight to prevent (and now YANK) health care from people who need it – some who have NEVER had it.

      More than 10,000 people have died annually in recent years – deaths tied directly to lack of health care.

      Tens of Thousands have died going back only a few years.
      THAT is unacceptable.

      Anyone who has been without health care, especially if they have suffered because they couldn’t go to a doctor or had to use an emergency room (for what should be a visit to their primary care physician), knows exactly what I’m talking about.

      I certainly know. I wish I had had health care when I didn’t. Our finances continue to be massively impacted by not having *any* health care option at points in our lives.

      It’s wrong to deny people medical care.

      This is not a developing nation – we’re an empire (for better or for worse). Those fighting health care for everyone would be insane if they had experienced these trials and suffered yet still fought for it.

      Comparatively speaking, I am privileged. I know this. I have been lucky to have been born where I was and as I was.

      Why is this the criteria for having basic health care? It shouldn’t be. And now it isn’t. Anyone fighting health care for all should take a serious and honest look into their motives.

      • Obama ran on this very much demanded issue in his first campaign. Where have all of those people gone?? Those who oppose this, should check bankruptcy data, many are a result of out of control medical costs.

        • I believe those who wanted health care for everyone are still very much supporting it and fighting to keep it. The Republican Party put the Affordable Care Act together as it is and it is the Republican Party, primarily, that is trying to take it away. I’m not standing “by” any particular party, especially as similar as they are, but the Republican Party is known for denying equality and in its vocal stances against health care. The party should be ashamed of itself.

          If you didn’t see, the former Republican governor of Florida is now running as a democrat. He’s disgusted with his former party.

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