The OutJustice Foundation

The OutJustice Foundation is a non-profit organization advocating visibility and integrity for the Queer Community (LGBTQIA) in the face of injustice. The OutJustice Foundation supports persons impacted by violence or discrimination. Throughout the United States we assist victims and their communities, and influence & help organize at the grassroots level. We are based in Chicago, Illinois.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of violence or discrimination based on your sexuality or gender identity, you may contact us here.

The OutJustice Foundation formed …

to support anti-gay hate crime victims both in the courtroom and in our community. We build community awareness of anti-gay acts of violence and provide visually-recognizable and -undeniable victim support in all courtroom hearings, as appropriate.

We respond to community and government actions following anti-gay hate crimes and discrimination. We encourage our community to hold all entities involved accountable for their actions and to push for improved policies and procedures.

With our headquarters based in Chicago we are at the ready to assist persons and their communities with immediate advice and best practices. We hope to help them avoid the pitfalls many make when organizing locally and interacting with officials corporations. We can help you make the biggest and most meaningful and long-term impact. These changes within local, regional, and national policies, regardless of whether they are with government agencies, corporations, or communities, require inclusivity of many factors, not merely sexuality and gender. We urge corporate and governmental policy reforms that will result in powerful steps forward.

Our society overall suffers from systemic racism, sexism, xenophobia and “homophobia” (and many other forms of exclusionary thinking and actions). Tackling anti-LGBTQIA discrimination is a tough realm of advocacy that overlaps many others. No one is merely gay – they are also of their ethnic background, their skin tone, and from their socio-economic class.

Thankfully, we have decades of combined experience in grassroots and international campaigns, programming, and policy reforms in multiple advocacy arenas. Our leadership has been at the forefront of creating positive change to reduce suffering and protect the vulnerable.

We’ve work with policy makers within local, state, and federal government agencies, and our work has resulted in landmark civil settlements, criminal prosecutions, international exposes, and opened the minds of millions of people to the plights of others.

We bring the best of multiple advocacy realms to the LGBTQIA world and we are here to shake up some stagnant areas and advocate improved lives for the most vulnerable and least supported among us. We are not shy and we will call our own community out on exclusionary actions if necessary.

I serve as The OutJustice Foundation’s executive director and as the president of our board. I am heavily involved in working directly with our clients, donors, and core staff/volunteers.

Focus. The OutJustice Foundation strives to encourage and become a long-term resource utilized by hate crime & discrimination victims, their families, friends & loved ones, and the multiple & complex communities that impact them. This includes groups with which our clientele identifies (ethnic, religious, interest-based, professional, and so forth).

Our central and historical focus is the Queer Community (LGBTQIA), though certainly our services have helped and will continue to impact many additional communities particularly given the intersectionality implicit within the Queer Community.

“Queer.” Following the lead of academic use and the trend toward identification of the younger (and therefore longer-lasting) generations among us, we use the term “queer.” We believe this term will continue to dominate the research and theoretical spaces.

We define “queer” individuals as those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning their sex, sexuality and/or gender (three very different aspects of an individual), queer, intersex, asexual, and also the compassionate allies who bravely stand with us in the  fight for equality in all realms, including “justice,” rights, civil liberties, against discrimination, and in our pursuit of happiness.

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