Pappy was Scruffy and is Scruffy again. Sorta’ Pappy too, though.

Scruffy helping Kristin (here, aged 9) with her homework. Or, sorta' helping with her homework.

Scruffy helping Kristin (here, aged 9) with her homework. Or, sorta’ helping with her homework.

A heartfelt and inspiring story about being reunited with a longtime companion from the Fayette Humane Society in Washington Court House, Ohio.

I’ve done some work with this shelter to improve it’s policies and procedures and increase its income. Unfortunately, they just missed out on a substantial donation that they no longer fit the criteria / qualifications to have, so perhaps you’ll be so kind as to please drop them a donation right now.

From one of their Facebook pages.


Meet Pappy, if you haven’t already. Pappy came to live at the Fayette Humane Society on June 4, 2013. He was surrendered as an abandoned cat from the New Martinsburg area. The person that brought him in said he’dappeared on their front porch one day looking hungry. They fed him and he stayed. They waited for him to return to his home but after two months decided it was best for him to come live with us as it appeared he had no permanent place to stay. So, Pappy, as we called him, became a member of our large kitty family.

During his time with us Pappy slipped perfectly into the role of patriarch, even adopting a tiny kitten named Spartacus that was his clone. Although he’s an older cat, our educated assumption was at least 5 years of age, Pappy still showed a very friendly and playful nature. He earned the respect of the cats and kittens in our office and in return they left him alone. His favorite thing to do was sleep in Humane Officer Kris Webb’s chair. If he wasn’t there, you’d find him perched regally on the edge of Kris or Danyels desk as if he were looking out over his flock all the while dreaming of home.

Then came the day. The day of all days. The day every lost animal wishes and hopes for.

Monday, Labor Day, our office was closed as most businesses are, but our Health Manager was there tending to the daily needs of the cats and kittens when the phone rang. Upon answering she heard the voice of an excited and emotional young woman saying, “Pappy is my cat!!” After a brief conversation and planning to meet at the office later that evening, the gears were set in motion. Pappy’s dreams were about to come true!!

Wanna’ know how it ends? Click here.

Reunited - Scruffy and Kristin (all grown up).

Reunited – Scruffy and Kristin (all grown up).

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