Police Stomping on Lives – I’m thoroughly disgusted by this case.

I’m thoroughly disgusted by this case.

Actually, I’m livid.

Police officers in Hawthorne, California, if you haven’t already heard of or seen this situation, handcuff a man who has done nothing but film them from a public sidewalk, which is his constitutional right. He has done what he can and should have done to protect the police from a very calm and pleasant dog by placing his companion animal in his car. After the police have overstepped their authority by handcuffing the man who has, again from what I’ve seen, done absolutely nothing illegal, the dog tries to defend his guardian – as any pooch might – and although the dog has come over and is interacting with the police and his “owner” – who is being, again, completely mishandled by police officers, an officer FIRES at the dog WITH HIS GUN WHILE THE DOG IS IN RETREAT AND DOING NOTHING AGGRESSIVE WHATSOEVER.

Those police officers could have pet that dog and calmed him and coaxed him, frankly.

There was NO REASON to shoot that dog.

And this is EXACTLY WHY WE AS CITIZENS SHOULD AND DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO FILM POLICE CONDUCT. It is our, as the Supreme Court ruled years ago, only method of proving what they have done when they step out of line. We know police have shoved typewriter bags over heads to suffocate and frighten and BULLY “confessions” from people in the past. I believe that was even in Chicago.

Now, I get that police are frightened.

I get that police have to go into scary situations and get jaded and can’t always anticipate exactly what will truly happen. BUT, you’d have to have never been around a dog – ever – to think this dog was going to haul off and go crazy. And it was all these men up against one small dog with all of their weapons, and they shot the dog. They shot the dog four times. The dog is then on the ground for a period where he or she is suffering terribly as the poor being dies. And it’s not acceptable.

If a dog is going to attack, there is not going to be time to respond with a bullet. The thing is, this dog was sniffing the ground and not showing the signs that he or she couldn’t be simply coaxed gently back to the car. In fact, the police officers could have had the dog’s guardian help them with this, but of course THE POLICE were TOO BUSY BEING INAPPROPRIATE with the man and their arrest of him (for what? playing music loudly quite some time before? Or the real reason they were upset which is because the man was filming – as is his constitutional right).

Please view the video and take a stand and sign this petition to prosecutors.

Join me in urging prosecutors to do the right thing and hold these officers accountable for their despicable actions. This is about the arrest too, in my opinion. He shouldn’t have been arrested. It’s crap policing to have arrested him. He posed no threat. Neither did Max, the dog.

I think the David Pakman Show takes a fair look at the situation. They are right about how the dog suffered. And they do not show the footage (and neither do I in any of these videos – just leading up to the suffering and the shots, not the suffering that resulted), but the commentators are absolutely correct. This situation should never have happened.

Here is the dog’s guardian Leon Rosby, emotional in an interview with an ABC affiliate. Mr. Rosby shouldn’t have lost his dog Max, let alone witness the unacceptable brutality to Max.

Kids saw. Kids are traumatized.

Apparently, Mr. Rosby had a court case against the police mere months ago for civil rights violations, false imprisonment, and battery. Hmmm… Makes me raise my eyebrows even more knowing they approached him and arrested him (if for the music it was long after the incident with the music, so I think that excuse is a bunch of bullshit) for filming them while there are clearly lots of others also filming their behavior.

THANK YOU to the persons who filmed this incident and turned the footage over to the media so that there is a (likely slight) chance that the individuals involved will be held accountable. They should be removed from the streets permanently, in my opinion, because they are trigger happy. Trigger happy police do NOT make citizens (or our companion animals) safer.

SHAME on those officers. Chicago police have done similar, as have many municipalities throughout the country. Of course, there are also amazing, caring police officers out there and we have to remember that. But, that being said, nothing excuses shooting a day as the dog runs away.

Nor does shooting a dog during a raid who is defending his home.

There are ways to be safe that do not require careless cruelty. And let’s remember, raids don’t equate to law breakers being held accountable. Sometimes raids show that nothing was wrong and that authorities were overzealous. That has also happened in Chicago. And throughout our country. People make mistakes.

But one has to be able to control themselves and their nerves if we are going to allow them to have authority over others, which can quickly and easily abused and is abused regularly by police too much. And, we give them GUNS. Come on, now. Excuse yourself from your position if you are unable to remain calm and handle a situation (especially one as non-threatening as this one) and turn in your weapons.

Animals may be seen by our legal system as mere “property,” but we all know – including those who fight to keep the status quo where the lives our companion animals (or farmed animals, etc.) are “worth” a few measly dollars – that this is far from what animals in our lives mean to us. And far from what even farmed animals *should* mean to all and definitely do mean to those who are willing to interact with the sentient individual beings that all animals are. Every animal has his or her own personality. They have their own wants, desires, fears, joys, and so forth. They care for their young. They mourn. They have culture (passing information from generation to generation – fish even have culture).

It’s time we consider the suffering of all animals.

It’s time we give animals the consideration they so rightfully deserve.

And those who hurt animals and cause them unnecessary suffering, including these police officers, should be charged with cruelty to animals. Our laws are sorely lacking, especially when it comes to farmed animals.

I have been the victim of police officers telling me that I couldn’t record my interactions with them. Of course, I told them as you should that the Supreme Court has defended my legal right to record the conversation and that I will continue recording.

Use your voice. And pen. And computer. And rights. Never be silent.

Fight Ag-Gag laws.

And please always speak out against cruelty to animals. Speak out against cruelty to human animals, too. Stand up for yourself and for others. That’s what truly ethical, morally-consistent individuals do.

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