Integrity Animal Services

Integrity Animal Services (IAS) is your premium, compassion-focused group delivering a wide array of services for everyone.

Our clients include:

  • Companion Animal Guardians (“pet owners“)
    • In-Home Pet Care
    • Behavior Modification, always through positive reinforcement – NEVER through punishment
    • Special Needs Animals (“aggressive”/fearful animals)
    • Medical Assistance (all staff are trained for everything from your diabetic companion, the terminally ill, blind, deaf, aged, or just kiddos “on-the-mend” following an injury or surgery)
    • Dedicated Holistic Care Providers
      • Our involvement to serve your needs progress with close communication and regular assessment.
      • Our staff will give your loved critters the individualized attention and affection that they desire. And for those who’d rather be left alone? We get it! We keep our distance and build trust over (sometimes quite extended) periods of time so that we are always working toward better preparedness for your family in case of an emergency or simply because you may need us to take your shy or fearful loved pet to a veterinarian visit.
      • We are “in it to win it.”
        • What do we win? We hope your continued business and lots of nuzzles, licks, wags, cold noses, hand shakes, pretty songs, imitated behaviors, and even feather displays & dances for admiration from our winged friends. If we were all-inclusive this bullet point would never end, so forgive us if we left out your favorite species out (we do take suggestions, of course).
  • Corporations
    • Description for this and the following listings are forthcoming. Thank you for your patience.
  • Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs or non-governmental organizations – NGOs)
  • Community Groups
  • Government Agenciesthe salaries we all pay!
    • Most local, state, and even federal agencies find themselves with under-skilled staff, miniscule budgets to face massive challenges, and far too many calls and situations to “fix.” That’s where we come in …
    • IAS provides training and best practices to county shelters, city and county animal control departments, law enforcement including humane agents/officers, expertise and assistance to help government offices work together in harmony.
      • We help police departments, emergency call centers, animal control officers, and elected & appointed officials to understand their roles better, work through past tensions, create meaningful policies and procedures, close gaps in coverage, smooth out old crinkled messes (of whatever kind!), improve their hiring and volunteer efforts, and complete their missions with efficiency, accuracy, and positive public recognition of said efforts.
      • We help you see the reasons and the rewards for cutting tensions and collaborating smoothly with other government offices and with community and advocacy groups whether local, regional, or national.
      • We help you stop recreating the wheel (whatever you need to accomplish, we’ve likely got a template or twelve for you to consider, adapt, or at least start fresh with a clear understanding of best practices and potential options).
      • We help you cut fiscal waste.
      • We help grow your staff and leadership knowledge and skills, including animal handling & care, sterilization procedures, species-specific behavioral signals (sometimes the most well-meaning individuals continually frighten an animal because they simply didn’t know that their actions were distressing – we will point that out and train your staff on areas of need, as appropriate).
      • We can help you develop programs, campaigns, and services.
      • We help you protect yourself from human resource nightmares by recognizing deficiencies in your work force, identifying needs for the ideal candidates, and can even walk you through the entire hiring process. We are not your HR department – in that, we help you best find and assess candidates or identify with you in conjunction with your HR department what is holding your agency back from success.
      • We’ll teach you how to interact with the media.
      • Underlying all of our work is ethical accountability – we will teach you how to do things right, we will provide you with assistance where we are experts and we have stellar referrals in areas where we might not have the resources or expertise to assist.

Our national headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois.

For the General Consumer

Integrity Animal Services provides in-home animal care, including dog walking & pet care. Exotics and farmed animals are equally loved and welcome and our staff includes specialists to address your family’s needs!

We are experts in our field.

hospice, special needs clients – aggression/fear, diabetic needs, subcutaneous fluids, and so forth), behavior & training expertise, and a holistic approach to addressing client needs. IAS has a 24-hour veterinary consultant for emergency questions, and excellent relationships with clinics and hospital staff in our regions. We also provide wildlife management, law enforcement training and consultation for humane agents/officers, prosecutors, and advocacy organizations, community accountability and media exposes, humane education courses, and undercover investigations. A significant portion of Integrity Animal Services’ profits are donated to non-profit programs & services that reduce animal suffering. Additionally, we provide much of our expertise pro bono (for approved entities in line with our mission and values in order to maximize the effectiveness/reach of the entities we assist). Our core group regularly provides training, workshops, and assistance internationally, including by providing our voice, skills, and experience to end animal suffering and provide best practices at conferences around the country. The core staff at IAS speaks nationally at conferences and for professionals seeking continued education credits in law and veterinary sciences. IAS’ leadership includes ground-breaking individuals with decades of experience attaining criminal charges for cruelty to animals, undercover investigations into factory farms and slaughter plants, and a 24-hour emergency veterinarian consultant. IAS makes kind, sustainable choices and works with for- and non-profits alike to achieve lasting, meaningful results for all animals.

About Us

Our vision is the foundation and growth nationally of animal experts in care-giving, wildlife management, and advocacy who can and will step up to the plate to make compassionate change, wise animal guardians out of our clients’ parents (read: “pet owners” – that’s you!), and put an end to apathy and inhumane practices by communities, corporations, and government entities.

Our team is truly a team.

Our staff love animals or they wouldn’t be working with us (period!). All staff are trained far beyond what we hope they will ever need on the job. We provide them with:

    • First Aid certification – for humans and non-humans alike!
    • CPR certification – for humans
    • Specialized training for all domestic animals, including farmed animals as appropriate (it certainly comes up more than you’d image, even in major metropolitan areas!)
    • Wildlife Management. Please do not use “pest control” companies for nuisance situations. There is always a kind way to address any challenge. Plus, as we’ve documented in Chicago, many of these companies rely on trapping – which should be a last resort, and rip customers off by trapping non-target animals. They make multiple visits and drag their services out over long periods of time. Don’t get ripped off. Most of the time you can resolve the problem on your own with some simple tips. We can help you!
    • Emergency protocol for cruelty investigation seizures and both natural disasters & human-created ones. Our curricula includes coursework developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), The OutJustice Foundation (The OF), The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

We even require them to attain competency for all species and services that we work with, even if those species or program tasks are unrelated to their division and current roles. This is critical for expert emergency management and back-up assistance (even if it’s merely for vacation coverage – everyone deserves a vacation!).

Integrity for All

We care about the integrity of our clients, our team, and all of those we work with.

Our team are true members – we are really a TEAM.

They are invested in our company’s success because as we succeed for animals, they succeed in growth, skills, knowledge, and profitability. We are sharing our future with our employees, from top to bottom. In a society where most people don’t think twice in leaving their dogs at home for 8-12 hour work shifts without so much as a pee break (dogs should be walked every 3-4 hours at a minimum), there is far too much educating to be done and no concern about growth potential.