Russian Olympics: Brown Water, Homophobes, Dog Killing

OK, well ... Here's to seeing the funny side of things for sure!

OK, well … Here’s to seeing the funny side of things for sure!

Hate Homos? Go to Sochi.

Hate Dogs? Go to Sochi.

Hate People Generally? Go to Sochi.

Could the Russian government give us more reasons to boycott the Russian-based Olympics? I’ve never been more certain on not having any interest in watching the Olympics or avoiding companies supporting the Sochi-based events as I am right now.

"Bottoms Up," from your homophobic Olympics in Sochi, Russia. (e-hem! That's drinking water!)

“Bottoms Up,” from your homophobic Olympics in Sochi, Russia. (e-hem! That’s drinking water!)

Human rights violations.

Laws targeting the Russian LGBTQIA community there and the country’s “guests.”

Or anyone who stands up for the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people, queer-identified persons, anyone questioning their sexuality, intersex individuals, and our allies. Is that you? Would you stand up for me were we there together?

Jailing people for being who they are. Or for standing up for what is right. That’s Russia.

Stomping on speech and any criticism of the Russian government. That’s Russia.

Destruction of private property – the demolition of people’s homes. That’s Russia sayin’, “Thanks for the land – oh, and we don’t care about you or your life or your happiness, Comrade.

Need more?

The water is fowl – it’s BROWN, Good Friends. That’s GROSS.

Not to mention dangerous.

More you say?


They are killing the stray dogs.

Of course, we’re certain they are doing it “humanely,” right? READ: they aren’t. Of course they aren’t.

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