Sucking on Cow-Teats

cow teat

Ever heard someone promote eating grass-fed beef because it’s natural?

It’s true, isn’t it?

Uh. Sorta. The way we kill them certainly isn’t. But here’s my question:

Are they eating dairy products or drinking cows’ milk?

If proponents of eating cows who are grass-fed are doing so because it is more natural (the fact that cows eat grass) then I do hope all of those same folks promoting eating grass-fed cows are NOT drinking milk or eating dairy products of any kind.

Why, you ask?

Great question. Let me discuss.

Because there is absolutely NOTHING natural about humans drinking cows’ milk.

But, do they know? And are we telling them?

Did YOU know?

This is the question raised by James McWilliams. And it’s an excellent question.

So, are these same individuals, who turn a blind eye to the violent slaughter that cows endure so that they may eat the flesh of said animals, also supporting the inherently cruel dairy industry?

Cow’s milk is natural only for cows to drink.

There is nothing natural about a human being stealing the milk intended for a nursing calf. Cows do not, as my mother misinformed me as a youngster, produce milk “for us” nor do they “need” to be milked by us so that they won’t hurt. Cows produce milk for the same reason humans do – to nourish their young. When permitted to allow their calves to nurse from their teats (teat, by the way, us singular per cow – a common grammatical mistake I’ve heard both on and off of farms, including dairy facilities); cows have multiple nipples, but only one teat.

Today we artificially inseminate, and painfully mutilate (normally without any pain control or veterinary care before, during, or after the burning of horns from the skull or the excruciatingly cruel slicing through cows’ tails including bone and nerve endings) cows in the dairy industry. Countless are cruelly mistreated on even small family farms such as this one. Others end their days with workers bashing in their skulls with pickaxes and hammers – a practice widespread, though the dairy industry quaked when we exposed the practice in Texas

Whether you steal cows’ milk yourself or pay someone else to steal the milk through your purchase in a store or restaurant, you are still the reason the calves are dragged away from their mothers for the veal industry – so that humans can have the milk produced for these young, sentient beings for themselves.

Now, I’ll be the first to give credit where credit is due.

But only what’s due and it’s very little.

I’d rather see cows grazing in grassy fields than packed into feedlots, but we’re discussing LEVELS OF CRUELTY here; there is nothing “humane” about eating eggsdairy, or meat which are all inherently violent industries.

Pick Your Violence:

Eat McDonalds? Eat Burger King?

Enlighten yourself.

Aren’t we just a TAD more humane than all this? I mean, the term humane and human are related, yes?

[The answer is yes. Look up the etymology of the terms.]

There’s no reason to

eat animal flesh

or eggs

or animal secretions, such as milk.

Want to know more? You can here. Or here. Or here.

Delicious, Cruelty-Free Recipes

without the egg, dairy, or meat industries’ violence here. Or here. Or here.

On a budget?

Try these tips to eat cheaper than all the meat-eaters in your life. 

Now, I’ll be the first to give credit where credit is due.

I’d rather see cows grazing in grassy fields than packed into feedlots, but we’re discussing LEVELS OF CRUELTY here; there is NOTHING “humane” about eating eggsdairy, or meat which are ALL inherently violent industries.

Don’t put up with it.

Go veg.

And speak out against cruelty wherever you find it.


I’ve been speaking out about cruelty for some time.

Uncle Sam would rather I not, of course. So would all of the individuals, corporations, and legislators (and other politicians) who profit from animal abuse industries.

The State of Utah became the first State where someone was prosecuted for merely documenting cruelty to animals. Always document what you see. And fight for your right to do so. The 1st and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution grant you this right.

Use your voice!

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