RT Live Coverage of our Ag-Gag Lawsuit Against Utah

We are going to win. Animal Agribusiness wishes to hide illegal conduct just as we’ve exposed time and time again. Ag-Gag laws are meant to criminalize whistleblowing and watchdog protection groups from exposing the horrific violence happening for the production of meat, dairy, and eggs.

Stand strong against animal abuse.

What can you do to stop cruelty to animals?!

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Abused, Injured, Tossed Aside and Left for Dead: A Modern Farming Theme

Some things just never change. Or do they?

Some of you know me from my time serving as U.S. Director of Investigations with Mercy For Animals. I oversaw some of the most important undercover investigations into contemporary animal agribusinesses of nearly every type, and certainly the ones that affected the most animals, in U.S. history. It was an ugly, miserable job. But, it was important and I did it. Why? Because I could.

Every investigation we did was chosen completely at random. Continue reading