Unfortunately, death isn’t optional.

We will all die. Some of us know how sudden and unexpected that can be. I encourage you all to review OutJustice’s Life Planning program in its entirety (it’s not long, folks). Having a living will or other durable power of attorney for healthcare, [particularly one thrown together by an attorney with a template and particularly one that is locked away somewhere where no one knows about it – you need to carry these documents ON you … in your car, briefcase, have available via email (send them to yourself) and SO SHOULD ALL OF YOUR DESIGNEES!] will do you absolutely no good if it’s not available when something happens. I know of only a handful of people, my partner and me among them, who have solid durable powers of attorney for health care completed by a bioethicist. Mine is in my briefcase, in my filing cabinet, visibly available in our home, in my email account, with all of the persons designated in hard copy and in their email accounts, and on file with our physicians and local hospitals. How about yours? Are you prepared for the inevitable? For an emergency?

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