YOU’RE invited to the RECEPTION, BAYBEE!

Wonder what I’m doin’ whenever I’m not bloggin’ here on (I know, I haven’t been doing it all that long, but she [me] does throw some good stuff at ya’, right? Am I right?)

What do I do in order to get back into health after throwing out my back (only the third time in fifteen years, which ain’t so bad, right?)? I mean, what do I DO since I stopped overseeing the despicable abuses inherent in the dairy, egg, and meat industries? Really want to know

Well, I throw on my blue & yellow’s and head to the park for back flips to Rihanna, Silly-Heads. How else would I keep my sanity?

OK, so Daddy could stand to do a few crunches.

So, in “honor” of Illinois dropping the ball on marriage equality and dedicated to the doctor who asked me over vegan breakfast why using the word “marriage” matters (he had never considered that not only is marriage used in other countries but has been for a very, very long time and has been by people like me for practically my entire life, let alone the etymology of the word), feast your eyes on The Only Gay in the World!

No girls, she did if first (do you see me in the back?!) so you can’t be this fierce. “She’s” been done. This is how I spend my Saturday afternoons – dancin’ dancin’ dancin’, like I’m the only gir’ in the worl’! Yes, that’s me with the basket of petals! And backflips. I do lots and lots of backflips.

Thank you, Ryan James Yezak. You’ve got a new fan.

P.S. I LOVE Don’t you? Damn them. Tell them how you feel about it NOW!

Note: I do not approve of the use of animal products or live animals – ever. Just ignore that part because these boys learned these dance moves just for you! 
OK. I came across this whilst reviewing for other videos and everyone should just dance, so a li’l sumpin for you Readers.

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